Verity KeenI ain't into cowboys
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Friday, February 21, 2020 8:05:25 PM
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Saturday, February 22, 2020 1:43:19 PM


Satirical Country

If you love Country you'll hate this
I ain't into cowboys and all the songs they sing
I don't like their cowboy hats cuz that's a really cliche thing
And when I hear them twangy guitars and see those shirts with big Texan stars, I wish that I could move to Mars cuz
I ain't into cowboys

I ain't into cowboys, don't try to say I am
except when they look into my eyes and say "Thank you Mam"

I ain't into guys who tell me tales about the folks back home
and all the gals they never got to kiss behind the cowshed cuz they had to roam
I ain't gonna clap and tap my feet and shout "Yeeha"
Why don't they all go back to the farm and live with their Ma and Pa ?

chorus (stand real close)

Most of them ain't never rid a horse or tipped a cow
cuz they was born in California on the streets, posting tweets
they really don't know how (too busy on the facebook)

I ain't into cowboys that think that they can Rock
I can't stand the way they talk and walk, I wish they'd put a sock into their mouth
so I can't hear the corny plucking of their gear
I ain't a Country gal my dear
Chorus (except when they show me a real good time and say Wham, Bang, Thank you Mam) x
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