David NyroA Life in Shambles
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Saturday, February 15, 2020 6:31:43 AM
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I can't tell song genres any more. Definitely rock, a little pop, a little retro New Wave/pop, in the vein of Echo and the Bunnymen, INXS, Roxy Music, Tears for Fears, Simple Minds, The Fixx, et al. Also a little heartland/West Coast angst rock. (I can hear, for example, Chris Isaak singing this.) Singer-songwriter too. (That's me.)

Piano, keys, acoustic guitar, all vocals: David Nyro
Bass and electric guitars: Jakael Tristram
Drums: Chas Bommarito IV

A song about suicide in the face of endless depression and loss, with all hope lost. And then, something rekindles. The killing train doesn't come, the moment passes, fate is a brakeman. We rise, start anew, resolve not to keep living a life in shambles.
Inspired by actual events: Losing love, family, friends, money, home, and almost everything, but self.
Start anew, with only that.
Horizons await.
A Life in Shambles
© January 28, 2018 by David Nyro

Lying on the railroad tracks, waiting for a train, the blessed train
But the trains ‘round here don’t always run on time, mind the time.
Maybe that’s a sign, after all this black, I’m still looking for the divine.
So I pick myself up and wander back...to a life...
A life in shambles
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba
A life in shambles
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba
As I recall, mine was a happy childhood,
though pain was there, I had my share
But I was unprepared for the other childhoods
I’d inherit; darker still, Darker still
I am done living someone else’s life in shambles
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba
A life in shambles
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba
So many of us crawling through a life in shambles, life in shambles.
I have always been the one who gambles ~
on troubled hearts, but I never held the cards
Now, there’s nothing left to lose,
From the outside they look so gentrified
But on the inside they feel so terrified
Someone will see through their disguise,
their disguise, their disguise, their disguise
Standing by the railroad tracks, waiting for the train,
the freedom train
No baggage, no pack, I’m travelling light,
the way I came. The way I came
Say goodbye ‘cause I won’t be back to
A life in shambles
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba
A life in shambles Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba
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