negative tendenciesYou Turn My Pages
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Boof-Poogly's Wagga Wagga Glogh-Wombly
We Sang In The Summer
Boof Woooglies Gnunga-Mgbwuni Chrowl
CUT Radio Desperado
a new beginning
ROLL Radio Desperado


I didn't see it comin' how you changed my life
oh my world went straight from empty to bein' fulfilled
Now I always need to see you and it makes my day
Just a little piece of your love keeps my glow instilled
What we do is never set in stone
but I keep noticing the ways I've grown
You turn my pages

I know that I'm so lucky I found you, girl
cause I couldn't find my passion, I went astray
You brought me a new direction with your gumball love
oh I never thought I'd make it there but now I may
Here's the best thing that you did for me
You showed me all the possibilities
You turn my pages

I didn't see it comin' how you make me feel
If I ever have a bad day, you'll be right there
oh to soothe me with your voice, you've got this tender way
that I just forget the circumstance that made me care
and you never seem to let me down
I miss you everytime you're not around
You turn my pages x
Song Comments

a new beginning
fabulous rock/Motown hybrid, there may be no other song like this in existence.

Boof Woooglies Gnunga-Mgbwuni Chrowl
Waagh Glugbhanga Chrowl!

Boof-Poogly's Wagga Wagga Glogh-Wombly
A good CHROWL song

We Sang In The Summer
an upbeat, soulful ditty, with really neat contributions from the band, includin' a happenin' intro and tasteful break, good storytelling also and flow, and a vaguely familiar melody, and cool, rockin' chorus, kudos...

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