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Sunday, January 27, 2019 6:03:40 AM
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Well, I slipped on some ice Wednesday and fell hard. Ended up breaking my right collarbone, Not able to make any new music until I heal up a little. But I thought about posting this song I wrote last year about a Pirate obsessed with eating his chicken leg. Got the idea from watching movies where the Captain always seems to be eating a chicken leg or a turkey leg. Anyway, hope you enjoy my take on it.

God, Family and Friends

Scurvy Braxton
Written by Alan Ballard
Copyright 2017

Scurvy Braxton was a Captain on a Pirate Ship
Scurvy Braxton was a Man you did not want to contend with
He had one peg-leg and a patch on His eye
And a golden ring on His lip
And when His crew ever got out of line
He'd rule them with an Iron Fist

He'd say


This is Your Captain Speaking, Turn this Ship around due West
And why isn't anybody Swabbing this Deck?
And Grab me another chicken leg
This is Your Captain Speaking,
I need a report from the guy in the Crows nest
Do you see any Ships out there?
It's all about the Loot with the Gold and Silver Glint

Now ole Scurvy Braxton had a Bullet lodged underneath the surface of his skin
A Haunting reminder of a Battle He had fought and lost way back when
And ever once in awhile, it would break out into a hideous rash
That would make anyone Cringe
So it came as no surprise what old Scurvy Braxton did
When His crew started laughing at Him

He had a Parrot on His shoulder, Pulled His pistol from His holster
And He ordered all His men to walk the plank
Over shark infested waters, they refused to follow orders
And a Mutiny ensued at Point Blank

He said We Braved the High Waters, the Storms and the Wind
I hate to see that it's come down to this
I'm going to give you Men, One last Chance
Put down your guns and give me my Chicken Leg

The First Mate threw the Chicken Leg at the Captain
He wasn't fast enough at reacting
It hit him on the head and he went down
He hit the deck, but not before a shot rang out
The bullet that was fired was a perfect shot
Went through three ropes and ricocheted in just the right spot
It caused the mast to come crashing down
It put a hole in the Ship and the Ship started to go down

2nd Bridge

"This is Your Captain speaking, Somebody keep this Ship from sinking"
"Quick Men, Grab a bucket and do your best"
" And Somebody Grab Me another Chicken Leg"

"This is Your Captain speaking, Somebody get these Sharks away from Me"
" I hate to do it, But throw them one those Chicken Legs,
Wait a minute, I've got the Chicken Leg. awwwww

Scurvy Braxton was a Captain on a Pirate Ship
Scurvy Braxton was a Man You did not want to contend with

Song Comments

interesting cacophony, listening left me with scurvy.

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