Phil StreetsHypothetically of Course
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Tuesday, October 23, 2018 9:45:53 PM
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Tuesday, October 23, 2018 9:47:35 PM
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The ups and downs of relationships

Hypothetically Of Course
In between right and wrong, with love and gone
Couples are allusive things
Just when you think you’ve found some common ground
Demons wanna pull your strings
He took his chances on a roller coaster ride
She had a longing that was building up inside
But he did love that girl, like nobody ever loved that girl
Despite their baggage, he just knew, she felt the same way too
It was a certainty, hypothetically of course

After you weigh your odds and get the nod
There are no guarantees, you see (solo)

And she did love that boy, like nobody ever loved that boy
He could change, she knew he could
Reunited, it would be so good
It was a plan you see, hypothetically of course

Change your allusions about changing the girl
Just change her mind and you could change the world
Locate yourself locating the man
Locate the two of you
You can

Sprinkle the faith with tears
Let laughter steer
Sailing through the test of time
And if the sparks still burn, the heads might learn
Some students do just fine
He took his chances on a roller coaster ride
She had a longing that was building up inside
But they both loved the ride, like no body ever loved the ride
Peaks and valleys, push and pull
Their pockets empty, but their lives were full
And it was real to me, hypothetically of course

In between right and wrong with love and gone
Song Comments

Cabaret Noir.......
Jazzy n sophisicated strange leftfield bluesy pop..Really like the strange mood here..

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