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Sunday, October 21, 2018 3:29:39 AM
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Tuesday, November 10, 2020 12:47:31 AM
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Sleeping and Dreaming what a wonderful item.

Tim Higgins

In love with Dreaming, There is so much to the story line on this song, the part about still being alive, Wow..
Take a head trip
Go for a ride
Inside your mind
Shift your perspective
Into overdrive
And go to places - times forgotten
Left behind
A journey through yourself and out the other side

Lay in quiet
Close your eyes
Kiss it goodbye
Magenta sky
The swirling colors keep on changing
I'm mezmerized
This place defies all laws and logic
I can fly

And it feels so familiar
Just like visiting an old friend
Yeah it seems so familiar
No question, I belong here
That's when I realize I'm dreaming (I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming)
But I just keep on dreaming

(I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming)
And now I'm floating up to the ceiling

(I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming)
Looking down at myself sleeping (I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming)

What is happening
Am I still alive?
Somebody help me
Send a spirit guide
Is it okay - to leave a body - unoccupied?
I'm lifted and I'm slipping
Through the walls
Light as air, unbound, and curious of all
I don't know what this place is
But it's beautiful
And the best part is, I'm in control
I'm in control

Outro)There be no dream theiving no, no, no dream theivingnot tonightThere be no dream theiving no, no, no dream theivingnot tonightThere be no dream theiving no, no, no dream theivingnot tonightI'm awake but I'm dreaming
I'm awake but I'm dreaming
I'm a wake-up dreamer x
Song Comments

powerful dynamic with a huge soundscape full of wonderful exciting tripping groove. big and amazing vibe. driving happening rocking art. strong vocals with intense driving beat

Over The Moon
Loving this trippy track - great imagination and what a marvelous voice!

Off The Moon
Take a head trip go for a ride............journey through yourself and out the other side......oh yes..

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