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Saturday, September 08, 2018 1:34:14 AM
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Tuesday, November 10, 2020 12:47:31 AM
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HH/R Desperado


Based on child abuse

Back into the 90s when he was just a child
He had 2 fucking cousins
Whom he didn't see in a while.
Mom is long gone
And now daddy was in charge
He was taken to their place
Cuz daddy went somewhere far

"Now don't you be rude"
That's what daddy said
"I will be back home soon
Just a matter of a day"
See your cousins are your brothers
They'll take your good care
And I wish that daddy knew
That it was really not okay

After daddy left
They said that they would play
Started saying thing
He could hardly understand
Took off his clothes
Pushed him into the bed
Started doing things he could hardly explain
And all he knew was pain
And all he knew was pain
Daddy please come home
Your son is in pain
I wished it was a dream
But it was all real
Head pressed against the pillow
Wish you knew how he felt

He thought they were done
But it was on repeat
They fucking took turns
And I wish I could believe
Now everything has changed
The way he saw people
Even the good hearted saints
Started to feel like evil
And when daddy came back
It was just a big relieve
He wanted to tell them all
But who the fuck would believe
Daddy please take me home
Please take me home
I don't wanna stay here daddy please take me home

That was not just once it happened several times
He kept on wondering how the fuck did he survive
There were certain times he wanted this to end
Overdosing on pills
But he would wake up again
And he sat on the shower with a razor in his hand
It was hard to pretend when there was a war in the head
But he had to stand up
He's fighting for himself
Alone in the battle but he's fighting for himself. x
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