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Saturday, May 19, 2018 4:07:53 PM
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Saturday, July 21, 2018 10:54:13 AM


Words and Music by Atshara (Jessie Mendoza)
All vocals by Jessie Mendoza
Track prepared by Atshara (Jessie Mendoza)
Mastered and Mixed by Oddyseus Cabual and Jessie Mendoza at Impluwensia Production Community

Hey mister
your poison is fashion
your pain is pleasure
you're gender-bending
your sinister smile
drops my pulse
to comatose
It triggers chemical reaction
to my senses
my androgen and oxygen

Chorus :
But/then my breath feels colder
Then the/and my hunger gets stronger
my howl is on fires
(repeat 4x)

Can i endure your taste
I feel the haste
to brush myself
past your air
You suffocate me
You seize me

Force me
freeze me
curse me
confuse me
help me
tell me
oh how you allure me
You smell like deer
you're prey
I enjoy the hunt

repeat Chorus (4x)

You're delicious...
You're so delicious
You're so delicious

He is
so cool and dangerous
His skin's
flawlessly outrageous
Causes envy
of the girls
Puts on
celebrity makeup
Takes him 3 hours
to dress up
He's a star
enjoys the fame

repeat Chorus (4x)

You're delicious
You're delicious
You're delicious
So suspicious

You're delicious (x4)
You're delish (x2)

But my breathe feels colder
Then my hunger gets stronger

repeat Chorus x 2

you're delicious...
you're delicious...
you're delicious...
you're delish
you're delish

But my breathe feels colder
Then my hunger gets stronger
my howl's on fires
(x2) x
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