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Sunday, January 23, 2005 7:57:11 PM
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Thursday, February 05, 2009 4:36:53 PM


A spoken word assault on the system

David Weisman

the empty pocket blues
with out of style shoes.
Hey fuck
Fuck you man
I say fuck
Fuck you man
I'm so fucking sick of you
And your pathetic way of thinking
So go fuck yourself
And while you're at it?
Take your stupid fucking people with you
I’m sick of their mindless chatter
You force your demented fucking chaos
Onto me, and into me
So here's some back your way
You stupid fucking control freak
If I catch you even thinking about me?
I'll hunt your fucking ass down
And sodomize the fuck out of it
I'll sodomize the person next to you
You fuck
Do I make myself fucking clear?
Are you catching my fucking drift?
How fucking retarded were you?
When you created this fucking fuck-fest
Of a pestilence, of a cycle,
of a fucking madness
With no consolations?
You fuck
You planted us in a pestilence with no cure?
You fuck
Fuck you
I say fuck
Fuck you man. x
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