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Saturday, January 13, 2018 8:44:32 AM
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Saturday, January 13, 2018 8:55:35 AM
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We don't even know what to call this but an experiment in sounds

(C) & (P) 2012,2013 Randall Belt (ASCAP) and Brian Kious
(ASCAP); Barleyfields Records (ASCAP)

Song notes:

We all have flaws and errors. And no different is the music itself. We keep things as human as possible and organic, if you will.
There is something that machines just cannot lend to a song. It's the imperfections of the humaness of us all that make us and our music more interesting.

Brian is singing the lead vocal, Nil's on drums, Brian's on mandolin, electric guitar, acoustic guitars, and the organ part in the middle. Randy was on bass, and engineering the song and arranging it to its final form. Randy sings the background vocals with vocal guest Leann Fisher and Brian sings the background vocal very low parts on the "uh huh's". The harmonies build through the song going from 3 parts to 9 part harmonies by the end of the song. Randy, Brian, and Nil did the initial handclaps and finger snaps the provide the rhythm during the verses with more overdubs done later by Randy and Brian to thicken the sound. The arrangement and way this song came together was really more of a studio magic and a "let it be what it wants to be" approach. It came together in experimentation and trial and error. We were all very pleased with the end result.
I had you figured out
Before the lights went out
Before the door was closed
Before you fell asleep

These girls like you,
Just the same
Biological coffee stains
On a worn out old flannel sheet
On a mattress that I'm sleeping on

I won't be misunderstood
That we are all damaged goods
uh huh

You made me feel so alive
Just like I am #5
In a story or song unsung
In a long string of strangers
Yet to come

You tell me I mean so much
That's why you're not paying dutch
But if that's the honest truth
Then why are these pictures
Still around?

I can't be misunderstood
That we are all damaged goods
uh huh

I don't mean to sound unkind
I just have a haunted mind

My lady so debonair
And Captain Devil-may-care
Find out that I'm keeping score
And knowing my own runs
Don't add up

I'd kill to be in his shoes
Not singing "where you been" blues
The knife that you twist and turn
Don't worry
I dig the burn

I won't be misunderstood
That we are all damaged goods
uh huh

The names on your marquee change
Your face, it just stays the same
You're still young and beautiful
Excusable, innocent
And free

But who's this you're standing with?
This panicky last ditch pick
Surprise of the century
He kind of looks just like Me

I've done what I thought I should
But we're all still damaged goods
uh huh

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