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Thursday, November 30, 2017 4:40:18 PM
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Friday, January 25, 2019 10:42:22 PM
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I might look unsteady on my feet
Many lovers thought of me as weak
I’m not a ghost in the shell
But the shell that the ghost goes to dwell in
When it’s banished from its home

I’ll take them in
I’ll take lonely and the weak
And take them in
I’ll take the misfits and unwanted
Because I’ve always been a giver
And I don’t really care if my body remains haunted

So if you smile at me I can’t promise I’ll smile back
Because my face is shaped from clay and honey don’t you see that if I did it might might crack?

Then would you my love, come pick me up
Or would you just do what you did in the past and run away?
Run far away

There’s one ghost that I like the most
He tells me stories and then gets up and goes
Sometimes I wish he would stay
But he knows that he has to vacate me and all my aging bones

So I can let them in

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Music Lovers
a journey, w twists and turns, a strong vocal, with light harmonies and backing in places, the sparklin' piano, reminds me of a tale from the divine comedy if I'm honest, dunno why, love child orphan Annie, st. Francis, and Laura nyro space trip, kudos...broad sympathies, a kid walkin' in the woods...or down a misty road....

The darling of IMPNATION brings another one of her amazing songs

Cup 'A Tea
float downstream on the mellifluous piano, and the soulful, evocative vocal, and endearin' storytellin'...

2018 IAIA Golden Kayak Award Nominees
Easy Listening/Soft Rock

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