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Monday, July 03, 2017 4:11:18 AM
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Monday, July 03, 2017 5:08:20 AM
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Soul Invitation


Neo Soul song about love

Stoneman wrote produced and performed everything on this recording.

This idea came to me while in the shower. So, I got out and produced it in my studio. It was fun to do the backing vocals especially with the key change near the end.
Baby tell me will you be mine. Baby tell me will you be mine

Girl what is your name. I been checking you and if I was your man, I wouldn’t be neglecting you
baby you’re so fly, and sexy on the eyes, I want to show you that, I should be your future guy
So lets chill tonight, and get to know each other, a little sweet romance and later we can take things further.
Baby say I can and I’ll make love to you, To get the job done there’s nothing that I won’t do.

Baby tell me will you be mine. Baby tell me will you be mine

Girl I saw you when you sashed through the door and I decided then I had to get to know you more. You’re so beautiful and baby I can see, that while I’m checking you you been looking back at me. If was your man, you wouldn’t be alone. I’d take out tonight to places that lovers go. And we could give each other something truly real, something that only people who are in love can feel.

Baby tell me you will be mine, Baby tell me you will be mine
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Soul Invitation
soul groove, and catchy rhythms, a dissonance here and there i find kinda charmin' a muso's touch mayhaps, good lyrics and swingin' vibe, a pleasure, post modern temptations...

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