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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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R&B song about overcoming adversity and reaching goals deemed unattainable for impoverished people.

Stoneman wrote, produced and recorded everything on this recording

Inspired by the man in the mirror who overcame so many obstacles to make a life for himself and family.
Rising Up, Rising Up! Ah…………….Rising Up Rising Up!

Haters say you’ll never make it just because you’re from the hood.
Grab reality and change it, man the truth is mighty good
We are more than conquerors more than ghetto dwelling folk
We are string because we stand the test of fire
We are reaching for the sky and don’t listen to their lies
We believe we can d anything within our hearts desire
Ah…….. Rising up rising up! Ah…….. Rising up Rising up!

There is nothing you can‘t do. If you always keep believing.
In your heart you know it’s true. Find a dream and then achieve it.
Just because you’re from the hood doesn’t mean that you can’t rise
To the top of anything that you pursue.
Keep on striving everyday overcoming till they say you’re a champion of everything and anything you do.
Ah…….. Rising up rising up! Ah…….. Rising up Rising up!
One day at a time, fight for your life to be changed and your obstacles conquered. Always on the grind you must believe that the odds and results can be altered. Haters always talking smack. Just keep on rolling while their flapping their yaps. In the hood they say only strong folks survive But the ones with faith keep rising to the highest high. Keep rising to the top. Don’t let nothing in life ever defeat you. You never will be stopped cause you already know nobody can beat you. Just keep on puashing on stay in the zone and give it all that you’ve got. Keep trusting in yourself and the man upstairs. Keep rising and you don’t stop.
Ah…….. Rising up rising up! Ah…….. Rising up Rising up!
Ah…….. Rising up rising up! Ah…….. Rising up Rising up!

Stoneman wrote, produced and performed everything on this recording x
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