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Monday, October 17, 2016 8:06:25 AM
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Wednesday, November 02, 2016 9:36:50 AM
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Swirling B3 organ, Rockin' harmonica by High South's Jamey Garner and harmonies featuring Robin Hackett (how i met your mother). From the soundtrack to the European re-release of Adam Carrolla's "The Hammer". And if you look closely at the video you can see your house!


It ain't over till it's over

It's not a crime
It's not a sign
It's just what's going on
I'm not inclined to judge it

A half of two or
A third of three
At least we all agree
It's not what we expected

It's just the world whipping round
Tossing us up and down

The universe
In full reverse
I hear it's always listening
Just throw out a question

Go within
Go without
Take another route
But never regret temptation

It's just the world spinning round
Shaking us on the ground

We tumble in get knocked about
Raise a toast maybe raise a doubt
Long before that big girl sings
I realized I wouldn't change a thing

Outta time?
Never mind
When you think it's ending
You're just getting started
moving around
some kinda lost and found
It's just a Big small town
moving without a sound
A preacher and a clown
A queen without a crown
charging by the pound x
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