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About Me
life summary
At the age of 4, was given the following albums to play on the portable phonograph: Led Zepellin I, Mother's of Invention Burnt Weeny Sandwich, Sgt. Pepper, Satanic Magesty's Request, Jimi Hendrix Experinece Are You Experienced. Also listened to AM radio and dad playing Chopin and Debussy. Years later, formed a band called the Wishniaks. Years later formed a band called the Trolleyvox. Currently looking to acquire c.1959 Guild M-75 guitar and some decent sneakers.
I live for…
Hopefully as long and as satisfied as possible.
I despise
Overhead fluorescent lighting, fundamentalists of any stripe, the pickle we're in.
life turning point
The Kids Are Alright.
in 10 years I'll be
3 years older, at least.
in 10 minutes I'll be
Strikingly similar, yet imperceptibly changed.
experience of high strangeness
Every day, hopefully.
most overrated
most underrated
Staring at the ceiling.
my advice to you
One really needs to let things marinate and mingle. It really improves the flavor. Also, work like crazy, buckle down, layer, deconstruct, reassemble, brush your teeth and go to bed. Then revisit and revise in the morning.
Guitarist and songwriter for The Trolleyvox



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I'd like to thank the Academy

2/12/2008 8:14:07 AM
the beginnings of a grocery list

2/11/2008 8:25:57 PM
golly gee!




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The Retrotones

      2/12/2008 8:54:44 AM Add Comment

Like your stuff, its cool.

Have a look at our tunes too, or check the website out -


Good luck,

Lewis, Dylan, Adam -
The Retrotones -
London -
uk -

Philadelphia PA USC view more pics...