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I am a Web Designer , I enjoy 60's music and Encaustic Art

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4/17/2007 6:41:11 PM
David Stopp - Brighton Rocks

4/17/2007 6:04:03 AM
My Encaustic Art




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Mickey John   Wonderful singer
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Sandman's Songbirds  
Neil w Young   What a wonderful sound!
Ed Rambeau   Check out this extreamly talented artist , I am proud to be his Web Designer & Friend. Rosemarie
The EVT Band  
David Stopp   Proud to have you as one of 'My stars'
John Curtis   JC -wow what a voice !!
Mark Wirtz   Wonderful, Talented, Fantastic Man
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Mickey John Hello - Thanks for making contact. Your site is awesome! Thanks for making contact with me. It was a wonderful surprise! Stay in touch. Mick
chris eaglehead sends our thanks and regards:) Its been a while since I was up on the moors, or sampled any Yorkshire ale!
Jilly (JAWZ) Thanks for coming back with all that info ZR, quite a string of connections there. I had a look at your site and a couple you'd done - you're very clever. I had a Bandzoogle site for a while it was fun but I couldn't justify the expense with the hits :)
PS I just activated my slide show so you can see some artwork - (just straight oils and pastels)
Ash Welcome to iac :)
J. Patrick Sharpe Rosemarie-- Thanks much for adding me to Teddy Bear Picnic. Cool pipeline you have here! It's a real honor to be included on your space. Take care, -JP Sharpe
Flying Fred Thanks for my Station add!"!!
John Miles Hi. Thanx for the "adds" and linking to my page. Your stations and your site are Great!
stone and king thank you for your message music is now up on our site, hope you come back and check it out, great site you got here
Zion Eddy
Jerry Kabat Thank you for supporting WROK Radio Station. Everything good for you in the New Year
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Teddy Bear Picnic
The Love Boat

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The Mulligan Project

      7/8/2008 9:38:42 AM Add Comment
Just stopping by and leaving your page some love =)


Gordon Leed

      6/2/2007 8:17:15 PM Add Comment
Hi Rosemarie - love this station! And thanks so much for including two of my songs here.


Michael Peace

      4/24/2007 8:23:54 AM Add Comment
Thank you so much for adding my music to your site. I really appreciate it and I am enjoying your music too. Good stuff. Keep up the good work and keep the great music alive.

Your friend,
Michael Peace


      4/18/2007 9:21:17 PM Add Comment
I am having great fun on this site - I think IAC is Magic!


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