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Singer/ songwriter /guitarist Henry Nigro has been performing for 35 years in Massachusetts, New England, and up and down the East Coast of the USA. He has mastered many different styles of guitar including folk, blues, rock, disco, funk, rockabilly, country, and bluegrass. Henry has worked as a side-man guitarist for most of his life; preferring musical celebrity to personal fame. Also his written music has pervailed though musical associations with singers like Pam Bricker, Patty Unaitis, and many others since 1976.
Henry helped produce records and demos for bands like Orchestra Luna, John Butcher Axis, Pam Bricker Band, the Elevators, Arthur Cable Blues Band, Evening Magazine (Boston Channel 5) and many small folk and blues projects. Henry has been associated with many songrwriting groups over the past 20 years and has attended workshops all over the country with artists like Roseanne Cash, Don White, Jennifer Kimball, etc.. He has opened for National acts like Conway Twitty, The Monkees, and Don Stover and the White Oak Mountain Boys... Currently Henry has his own originals band called 'the Henrines' and plays around boston in folk blues and country venues.

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