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Washington Jones has been described by one reviewer as "knowing how to coax the most varied sounds out of an instrument, making everything look easy and sound smooth." His performances, as guitarist, pianist, organist, or harpsichordist, have been hailed by audiences from California to Europe.

Whether as a soloist or ensemble partner, Dr. Jones's ability to mold the instrument to the needs of the music at hand keeps him in constant demand. His unique programs include a broad range of music from Bach and Couperin to Copland and Brubeck to Hendrix and SRV. His master classes and lectures also have been highly praised. He is currently a member of the music faculty of a prestigious college and is Director of Music at his church. He also has served on the faculty of the University of Southern California.

Washington Jones was awarded the Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Stanford University. He also holds degrees from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

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11/17/2012 1:24:11 PM
Added some songs to my station & want to add more




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      6/21/2013 4:19:49 PM Add Comment
Hi Dr Jones

I have noticed your station and pic for years at IAC finally we connect thank you!! -much respect !!

Rob Barrer

Bryon Tosoff

      4/3/2010 5:07:46 PM Add Comment
Doc. I have been remiss in not visiting up your page here and reading up on your amazing background and musical prowess. I offer my congratulations on your success in the music education instruction aspect and myself can appreciate the time energy and dedication it takes to teach and share your knowledge base, being an instructor myself in various genre of piano techniques ,with jazz being my first love...thanks again for scouring and prospecting about this fine place and adding up such talented artists, thx for adding me up too.
cheers bryon

Ed Lyons

      3/14/2010 5:14:35 PM Add Comment
Hey Dock,
Thank you so much. Thewse compliments really mean a lot coming from you.
Your background is great. I have done a bit of research and I know you have a doctorate
of musical arts (Stanford) and you also hold degrees from USC Santa Barbara etc.
So thanks again, and keep on playing your really good.
Have a great day!

The Mulligan Project

      7/6/2008 1:13:18 AM Add Comment
just showing your page some love =)

when you get a chance, come check me out.


The Evil Seagulls

      8/27/2007 7:15:20 AM Add Comment
Hi there,

I would like to introduce you the international internet acoustic progressive rock band: "The Evil Seagulls"

Hope you enjoy the music.

Take care,


Conversation Suicide

      6/29/2007 1:29:09 AM Add Comment
Yeah, Thanks for the add man--- we need all the play we can get---Just added two new tunes under the actual BAND name = CONVERSATION SUICIDE --So look us up, man. I've got 100's of songs, but try'in to slowly bring in the top 40 of my tunage. Anyhoo. Tell me what ya think, and keep me in the rotation. We won't do ya wrong.

-Peace, love, and Killa tunes,

Phlegm of Conversation Suicide


      5/1/2007 10:30:14 AM Add Comment
Hey how you doin Im ILLuZN and jus comin by to sho sum respect to ya. I got two new songs up on my page feel free to listen anytime ya please THANKS

Roger Davis

      4/16/2007 1:11:47 PM Add Comment
Hello My Friend!

I added a track to IAC today! The title of the song is, "Swim or Drown"!
I recorded it with a group of great musician friends of mine! Have a great day!

Roger Davis!

Murk Entertainment

      3/22/2007 11:53:59 PM Add Comment
Thanx for the add sir! Be sure to check us out @ www.myspace.com/murkentertainment and www.myspace.com/dutchess_ent

Catya Maré

      3/21/2007 12:21:49 PM Add Comment
Thank you for your wonderful comment and for playing "Just For A Walk" on your great radio station!
Love and thanks,


      3/19/2007 12:19:20 AM Add Comment
A big hello to you Radio Jones all the way from Australia.
Thanks for adding one of my songs to your station..really appreciate it!!



      3/18/2007 11:41:30 PM Add Comment
Hello Radio Jones, Thanks my friend for the visit and add to ur site. I do appreciate people like urself that reach out to artist like myself and give us an opportunity to be heard. All the best to u bro! From that litlle state called Texas~Frank

Washington Jones

      3/18/2007 12:47:45 AM Add Comment
Not yet, but we workin' on it. D you believe WJ don't own his own music? Well believe it y'all.

Hugh Hamilton

      3/1/2007 2:49:52 PM Add Comment
Came back hoping to have a listen...do you have an "artist page" here? I hope so! If not...it's easy to get started! Thank you for including me on your station...

Hugh Hamilton

      2/28/2007 8:20:42 PM Add Comment
You added ME! Thanks, Doc! I look forward to dipping into your catalog - plan on being back tomorrow...

Washington Jones

      2/28/2007 7:49:43 PM Add Comment
It's happening on the IAC! I added tracks to my Station today, but I got a lot more to do.

Santa Clara CA view more pics...