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I've been all over the road (world) and still find travel the most rewarding activity.
I despise
Prejudice and Injustice.
self-chosen nickname
Dublinjames because I was living in Dublin when I discovered the interweb in '95.
my advice to you
The only things you'll ever regret are the things you DIDN'T do. So get out there and DO.

Material mistakenly credited to me on here is actually produced by other musicians who don't have a presence on IAC. The aim is to create a compilation of talented individuals who are "hiding the lamp under a bushel". Artist page for dublinjames is DR (Dublin Radio)

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9/18/2007 6:36:29 AM
Pete Townshend's/Rachel Fuller's sale of articles on EBay.




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The Field   The music of The Field is written, composed and played by Seán Nolan, Dáire Lawlor and Tom Pigot with Paul Kennedy adding his surreal percussion, flute and tin whistle.
Pete Townshend   If there is a more multi talented individual on this planet, I've yet to hear of him.
SILVERWOOD KIWI MUSIC   from New Zealand, my spiritual home (even though I've never been there)

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AOR (All Over the Road)
AOR Overflow
Crashin The Attic

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Katelyn Dawn

      6/12/2007 11:46:08 PM Add Comment
Thank you so much for your comment.



      3/27/2007 3:53:28 AM Add Comment
Have added a song by Gabriel Staunton to my station ... check out my artists page DR (Dublin Radio)


      11/29/2006 11:06:35 AM Add Comment
Got my friends signed up to IAC today - they just need to add some music now. Check out the link to The Field on my page and station. Waiting for other friends in Praying for the Rain to set up their page ... I will keep all you listeners in IAC land posted!

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