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About Me
I live for…
FLOW: His daughter Jaida, Lindsey Rand, Meshwell, Family, Producing New Tracks RAH: His Sisters, Females, Meshwell, Females, Battling, Females, Money, and most of all FEMALES
I despise
Meshwell doesnt like anyone that is not real with themselves or toward other people. Former label mate Nick Hanks, aka Bizzle is 1st and foremost. Anyone who disrespects or seeks to hurt anyone in their crew and families.
self-chosen nickname
life turning point
The Chance Meeting that made MESHWELL
most overrated
Reality shows
most underrated
Artists that dont fit the criteria of the big name labels.
my advice to you
Be yourself, believe in your dreams, and do what ever it takes to achieve them!!!
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Meshwell consists of Floyd "FLOW" Bolstridge and Ryan "RAH" Simpson. These two met 2yrs ago through a mutual friend.
FLOW was already working on his solo project, at the time of the meeting, after a split from his former group "Blunt Bruthaz."
RAH had also been doing music b4 the chance meeting and had street credit of his own. So it was just a matter of time before these two formed another group and built up a following.
FLOW is the Executive Producer at their personal label, RED EYE ENT. Rah is the Co-Exec. Producer of all Meshwell tracks and has major input and ideas for other artists in their camp.
FLOW & RAH have totally different styles of rhyming but at the same time their approach to the art and the game is exactly the same. They go into each track like "Hitmen" trying to murder and totally annihilate it.
Since joining the IAC they have shot up the charts with their IAC Debut "Ev'ry Townz Gotta Ghetto" and have remained in the Hip Hop Top 10 for over a month. As of late, they have been in a constant back and forth battle for the #1 Spot with the artist known as Mikado. Both have been taking turns as #1 and #2 for about the same amount of time that Meshwell has been on the charts. Keep your ear to the ground, but watch out, cause the Streets is hott!!!

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9/28/2006 12:27:34 AM
Hip Hop Hitz KIAC Big 50!!!!!

8/30/2006 2:13:04 AM
Why is it that Hip Hop songs are hardly ever featured on the KIAC Big 50?





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Mike came accross the page and though damn these cats are good...excellent job you guyz
dianna k, first off, you guys are hott...this ghetto track is really true to life for me...you guys have skills for sure..keep up the good work...boston showin love
michelle you guys are gonna do some serious biz one day...i just have a feeling about these things...the song is excellent...you might wanna think about changin the pic.only cause it is in a house but y'all are pretty fine...any of you taken?
FLOW Thanx for luv michelle, we appreciate it...yea, i am taken but RAH is deffinately on the market...home boy is always lookin'
Timmmy T yo, you two fellas got somethin here...cant wait to hear more trax from you...oh and by the way, Meshwell is a fuckin kick ass name, how did you come up with that?... 2T form Portland Maine
FLOW Thanx Timmy, appreciate the luv bro...nice to see some more fanz from our homestate...as for the Meshwell name, me and RAH just click really well, like all the time, our styles compliment each others...we just MESHWELL
john saye hey meshwell, you too got skills...who is those girls on there..that one on the hook is bad as hell and that gangsta soundin chick at the end, ohhhh damn son, y'all on fire!!!
Kid Ric Thanks so much for including my tribute to your rotation. You guys kick ass! Peace, love and light my friends, Kid Ric
Flow of Meshwell no problem guy...alwayz down to help a felow artist..much luv and respect to you and to all artists on our station!!!
Muriel Your sister is very talented. Best wishes
Flow of Meshwell thank you...that will please her to hear people say that
D-Cyfer whatup everyone, check out my new club banger called "Snap!", and enjoy!!
D-Cyfer just wanna give a big shout out to all my supporters for giving me a reason to continue making music, i am now proud to be featured in the KIAC Big 50 as a hip hop/rap artist, much love to everyone.
d-cyfer yooo boooys love the new track lose control, very hot stuff, keep up the good work and ill be holdin it down for all the hip hoppers on IAC on the KIAC Big 50 as the only rapper to be on there, much love to everyone
Meshwell thanx for the props yo...good job on the Big 50 once again...we figured out of all of us here at IAC you would be the 1st one to break them barriers...hold it down yo!!!! MESHWELL
Flow Lose Control hits #15 on all genre and is still holdin on to #1 on the hip hop charts...also have gotten local radio play in the last 2 weeks!!!
FLOW now at everyday rotation at our home station...92.1 FM WUPI....much luv goes out to you all....FLOW
D-Cyfer whatup homies!! just wanted to say a big thank you to you guys for all your support and your part in me winning the best hip hop/rap award..much love boys!
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Meshwell (Red Eye Ent.)

      7/3/2006 11:57:50 AM Add Comment
We would like it if someone could let us know about any collaborations that are like that of LP/JZ...or any groups on here that are like LInkin Park in a way...our radio station here at IAC, "The G Spot," would love to add some groups like that to the rotation...thank you for checking us out and listening....Much luv to all...Meshwell

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