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life summary
Born in Brooklyn NY...I've lived in Brockton, Quincy, and Boston Massachusetts, Chicago IL and now Winona MN (the Florence Italy of the midwest)...
I live for…
I despise
not much of anything.
self-chosen nickname
the Weasel
life turning point
Finding my love, Monta May
in 10 years I'll be
learning to play another instrument.
in 10 minutes I'll be
retuning another instrument
most overrated
Nolan Ryan
most underrated
Incredible String Band
my advice to you
Don't ever paralyze yourself with regrets. If you can't change it, don't sweat it.
The Rubrics guiding candle who in off hours is a professor of sociology at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

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5/19/2006 9:00:19 PM
Nyah ah ah!!! The Sublimal Message of the Dancing Baby Has Worked!

5/19/2006 9:18:44 AM
Summer is here?

5/17/2006 5:17:01 PM
Why the Eye of Horus?




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Eaglehead say Hiya Wesley, thanks so much for including some of our stuff on yr page :) read yr blog re rebel teachers. I would pass it onto George Eaglehead, but being a teacher also he wouldnt have time 2 read it, he he ;)
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