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About Me
life summary
Whatever your dream is, do it! Do not allow yourself to wake up one day and say, "If I only would have"! Just freakin' do it. Now!
I live for…
My family. They are the center of my life. They also had to put up with a moody musician for quite a long time. They understood me. God bless "em.
I despise
Anyone who attacks other peoples art simply because they can! Those people can go %^&* themselves.
self-chosen nickname
bopalongcassidy. It has a nice groove to it.
my advice to you
We are for the most part composers up here. If you beleive in your work, never let anyone convince you that your work sucks!
It started with seeing the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan show!

I played in various groups while in high school but the summer of 1970 changed my life forever. I auditioned for the Lead Vocalist spot with one of the hottest bands in the Chicago land area and for the next twenty-seven years we never looked back!

When we finally called it a day, the guitarist from the band called and asked if I would consider doing an acoustic duo thing. I jumped at the opportunity to continue performing but also we began to compose heavily. With thirty some odd years of musical experience, everything from Rock to Jazz, being able to compose songs in different genre’s was not difficult to do.

For me that is what being a musician / singer/ songwriter is all about. When you develop an appreciation for all genres’ of music you open your creative mind to numerous ideas.

Bottom line is this. I made a descent living as a performer.

I WOULD HAVE DONE IT FOR FREE! I write songs because I have to. They are a part of who I am.


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      6/12/2006 4:24:09 AM Add Comment
Jillian, You are welcome here anytime! What a talented Lady and friend!

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      5/7/2006 6:27:01 AM Add Comment
Hi manybody!

Below are links to my station and Artist page. Please check both of them out and please refer other artists you think would fit on my station.

Berwyn ILL. USA view more pics...