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About Me
life summary
Once upon a time an idiot was born. He blew things up as a child and tortured insects with a homemade torture chamber (and rather eloquently designed I might add, the guillotine was brilliant if I do say so myself having been made purely from razor blades and brass test weights stolen from science class). When it came time to grow up I did not. I am still an idiot and will die one. Idiocy is an art form.
I live for…
French fries (please never say "Freedom Fries" to me, our discourse will be short and unpleasant), foreign beer and basically because I have no choice.
I despise
A good deal of the things in the world, including boiled turnips. If you take something that tastes like shit.......boil it......well.......you now have something that tastes like watered down-shit.
self-chosen nickname
Absurdity abound. Self-Chosen nicknames always turnout like "THE-TERMINATOR" or "SEXYGURL". Past actual nicknames have been Billy Bonerwhack, The Shrew, "Calvin" (after Calvin and Hobbes), Potscrubberhead, Linski, Cubas Lips, Billy The Kid, Sweet Will, and Asshole.
life turning point
Great question. I wish to share my life turning point with random people.
in 10 years I'll be
More than likely dead.
in 10 minutes I'll be
Probably still trying to figure out how to answer that fucking "life turning point" question.
experience of high strangeness
Meeting my own non-biological twin......guy looked identical, spoke the same, dressed the same. Definetely erie.
most overrated
most underrated
Belgian beer, specifically "Leffe".
my advice to you
Don't take advice from people. Deep down....they love to see you fail.

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