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life summary
I was born in 1959 and died in
I live for…
personal truth, my family, music.
I despise
self-chosen nickname
life turning point
Thomas Paine's "The Age Of Reason" and the writings of philosopher Bertrand Russell
in 10 years I'll be
considerably more gray
in 10 minutes I'll be
considerably more gray
experience of high strangeness
I once grew a potato that looked like the Village People
most overrated
Steinway pianos
most underrated
my advice to you
Listen to my music heavily. It'll be good for you. Trust me. :-)
I'm a composer. Mostly I write pieces that are kind of dark, meditative, melancholy, ethereal and surreal. I've always been a pondering kind of person and I guess it comes through in my music.

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8/26/2007 8:28:12 AM
An idea for a station

8/25/2007 8:39:11 AM
Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

8/21/2007 11:10:04 PM
Looking to upgrade recording interface....suggestions?

8/21/2007 9:43:55 PM
Do you have conflicting styles?

8/21/2007 7:25:24 AM
What are today's 5 gems?




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Check out Dimension 4 Experimental Radio right here at IAC for the best in experimental conceptual music.

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