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About Me
life summary
are you kidding?????
I live for…
filling out these freakin forms...
I despise
this freakin forms
self-chosen nickname
Why would i choose my own nickname??? I have enough imposed on me..
life turning point
a year au pairing in america where i knew NO ONE so i found out who i was which made me brave enough to get on stage
in 10 years I'll be
Exceptionally famous
in 10 minutes I'll be
Almost famous
experience of high strangeness
yes question guy, this is a normal question...
most overrated
most underrated
my advice to you
oh please...
Been in the trenches ever since i got back from a year in america brave enough to get on stage!

IAC has seen alot of my bands music over the years - that would be Concussion Girl! Named after me and my tendancy to concuss myself.... But a purely collaborative team (although on stage I may just take over a little bit...)

I have recently loaded some of my solo material under my name... Totally different to the band stuff, much more personal and all me!

There's room for both in the world :-)

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