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Developing a great local indie band and touring with them
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Artist Management as I am now
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The dreams you have for yourself are yours, no one can take that from you.
I have always had my sights set on something in music, whether it was being in a choir or part of the band. Early on I discovered my love for live music and began attending as many concerts as I could. I always seemed to make contacts and mentors with someone from the traveling acts and began building strong relationships.

In 2004 I felt I had gained the experience and confidence, to take on my first artist. Then quickly word spread on social networks and in her spare time I picked up various Indie bands to focus on. These various bands helped me learn to network and create a strong understanding for the business. I didn't realize but I was earning word of mouth credentials in my immediate area and even began assisting bands as far as Europe with various levels of promotion.

In 2006 I spotted Rachel Fuller on a television show and immediately contacted her, telling her how much I enjoyed her music. A few months later, Fuller recruited me to network for her. Rachel (whom is companion to Pete Townshend of The Who), wanted to gain her own fan base and was looking to branch out and promote her new album. Fuller entrusted me with this task which generated Fuller’s MySpace site, which I have maintained with her since 2006.

In 2007 I was introduced to local Indie band Frequency Fifty Four ( also known as Frequency 54), whom were searching for new management. After attending a show, I quickly signed a contract with the band and immediately got to work. The talented five-piece rock band was on the verge of something big and just needed the proper tools to do take that next step. I assisted them for two years and after taking their hometown and surrounding areas by storm, the band was ready for the next step. They recorded a solid EP and signed up with an up and coming band for a small promotional tour (I accompanied the band on the road). The recognition and demand for the band started to come full circle, as they traveled around parts of the country. In late 2009, after two our work relationship came to an end. It was an amicable separation for both parties, whom have taken great things from the partnership.

Today, I am working on building my own company and the various stages that come with it. Which will create the full Management package for up and coming acts, the first act is No Resolve a well known band from the Detroit area.

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Lace Tausha!! Thank you SO much for adding BBE here!! Love you girl!!! xoxox ~Lace~
Tausha It is my pleasure Lace! Love you too xx
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