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About Me
life summary
Professional Appreciator. I excel at waisting not only my own time but others time as well.
I live for…
Junk: Music, Movies, Sports, a good Theological Debate (My wife and kids are considered high on the junk listjunk is good.)
I despise
A good Theological Debate.
self-chosen nickname
Marged (Pronounced mar-gud)
life turning point
Wow! I've had about 4 already. I hope to have a few more.
in 10 years I'll be
10 years older.
in 10 minutes I'll be
Redoing the info on my IAC personal page.
experience of high strangeness
Still looking for it. I constantly look up in the sky at night thanks to Art Bell and George Noory. I have no idea if there are UFO's but I'd like to be one of the goofballs who's seen one.
most overrated
The movie "A Few Good Men" and the rock band "Bon Jovi" for starters.
most underrated
Dramarama (band), The Connells (band), Del Amitri (band), The Sheila Divine - now Dear Leader (band), The Pixies (a truly original and great band) for starters.
my advice to you
Don't ever take my advice. I'll likely contradict myself very soon, while I make a very convincing argument right now.
Former college radio DJ seeks listeners to force my musical tastes onto. The name: "The Metro Underground" is for a label I used in college for pirated music I used in clubs, cool store soundtracks and fashion shows.

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