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       Horus8 & The Werewolves

Psyche's Muse

3/16/2016 3:18:36 PM

Hello, Horus! -M-

Texas Jake

10/13/2010 1:02:04 PM

Really enjoy your music!

MILOW The Girl

7/17/2009 7:36:53 PM

hey the werewolves how s it going!
milow the girl

The Man With No Band

2/27/2009 5:42:17 PM

Just stoppin' by for my Horus8 & The Werewolves fix ... Hope all is well in Werewolve land !

Thanks for supporting me ...



10/21/2008 9:58:09 PM

Hum... Great song writing. Like that melody, real trippy!
Increase volume a notch or two!.



10/4/2008 2:35:33 PM

About time you came home - where the hell ya been? he he he!

: )

tom lee

9/15/2008 11:45:30 AM

greetings, horus8 and the werewolves. what a fantastic name. that's a serious profile, man. peace.

Hugh Hamilton

1/22/2008 8:10:48 PM

Sorry about the pseudonym. Thanks for stoppin' by. I don't know what the sunrise/Uranus thing means. Or maybe I do. Or maybe I don't. Hmm.

Fade to Black

12/3/2007 5:16:30 AM

Great page, great content!


12/2/2007 3:23:23 PM

Gorgeous gorgeous..... yet another place to find your music...

The Man With No Band

5/18/2007 2:31:36 PM

Just stopped in for a BLAST ! always get one here.. (sometimes two).. Peace


4/13/2006 11:06:03 PM

What I'm the first? haha


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