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       Ana Lovelis

Ric Laue

1/2/2018 7:28:09 PM

I like it


2/5/2010 7:24:24 AM

Amazing voice, and brilliant sound. I love "I'm a girl. All the best EM GIEL


9/16/2009 11:57:22 PM

very very good,good luck great voice


7/16/2009 7:01:32 AM

very sultry and sexy.....this song has depth!! Wet is that song you keep singing back to yourself a real hit!!

tom lee

9/15/2008 11:05:01 AM

hi ana.

Private Beat

9/15/2007 4:12:48 AM

"Wet" is a HIT !
Great song and performance !


6/20/2007 6:54:52 AM

Great stuff girl! You ROCK!


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