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       Andy Broad

The Dorroughbys

3/18/2010 6:20:00 AM

Awesome playing on Pretty Nose Andy, the dynamics were fantastic, you really make the instrument speak. Moving, deeply felt song too


1/24/2010 2:27:40 PM

Hi Andy - send over the postcode for your gig on 27th Feb!

Full band or Solo?



12/31/2009 9:48:43 AM

Happy New Year Andy!

All the best for 2010!


Paulo Gama

9/8/2009 8:50:29 PM

Hi Andy!
Very good your music.
Regards from Portugal!

Beth Fridinger

3/24/2009 7:12:32 AM

well you lost your voice for a long time...I hope it is better now!

Beth Fridinger

3/2/2009 9:53:12 PM

Andy I hope you recovered OK

Conversation Suicide

2/22/2009 5:58:08 AM

Dig the new background on your page here! Hope that throat is just gettin' better & better....

-yer pal in Indie Music, pHLeGm

Beth Fridinger

2/20/2009 6:12:09 AM

I am glad you are beginning to is very frustrating for sure...but it sounds like you are on the mend.

Beth Fridinger

2/18/2009 5:58:16 PM

Andy is it getting any better? I left more comments in the topics. One thing I brought up is don't try to talk in a noisy bar...worst thing for you. See topics for other stuff I mention. This is all I know about it...cold dry air will aggravate it too...stay away from smoke too.

More Human Than Human

2/1/2009 5:40:23 PM

Hi Andy

Thank you very much for your kind comment. Some highly accomplished, emotive music here. Congratulations

John Pippus

1/22/2009 10:39:41 AM

thanks for dropping by... i'm just playing 'postcard blues' and wow you got that lightning hopkins style down to a tee. vocals too. authentic. right on. i used to do lightning's 'ain't it crazy'. you've inspired me to dust it off and see if i can swipe some of your licks while i'm at it.
yah, i got that larrivee on ebay for a grand. from philadelphia. funny, cuz they're made right here in vancouver. but i liked that mahogany top and there it was.



1/19/2009 5:44:48 AM

Hey Andy thanks for the visit - hope my 'stream all' is OK!

Really like the electric version of 'Sweet Jayne' listening now!
(Will check out the acoustic version next)

Both versions OK!

ROCK ON>>>(With the Blues)


1/8/2009 12:56:05 PM

Hi Andy - Happy New Year!

Like the Django Rheinhardt Tune! - COOL!

Your Sweet Jayne track does not seem to play?



Kito Peters

1/7/2009 7:04:28 AM

hey andy
thanks a lot for your comment
best to you
kito peters


1/3/2009 12:54:06 PM

Andy, you are so sweet! I really appreciate you letting me know about the stream situation. I had no idea. A while back, none of my songs were playing... so I reloaded all of my mp3s. I had never tried the stream function... so I was oblivious until your visit.

I'm really looking forward to bringing in more music this year. Its been 2 years since our first ep was released. My big resolution is that of working in more focused time for songwriting, instead of after hours when I can barely keep my eyes open.

I know I've said it before, but just gotta say again... THANK YOU for being "friends" with me. I am very grateful.


The Man With No Band

12/31/2008 9:45:07 PM


... all the best my friend ... hope '09 just gets Bluesier ... in the best of ways ...



12/22/2008 8:53:01 PM


Abbeyville Road

12/18/2008 11:35:53 AM

Hey thanks man-!! Just setting here listening to the fine open tuning and great playing on Postcard Blues.. 5 stars*****


12/17/2008 12:32:11 PM

Hi Andy & Thanks for making contact, Hope to catch you on the circuit soon Cheers!


12/6/2008 7:20:19 AM

Hi Andy,
Thanks for your comments. As a guitarist and blues lover (Scott Henderson, Eric Clapton, BB King, Joe Turner, John Mayal, Steve Ray Vaughan, Robert Cray, Joe Pass, Muddy Waters, etc.) I´ve enjoied a lot hearing your tracks in a pure instrumental style.
Congratulations and good luck.

Texas Willie

11/28/2008 6:50:08 AM

Happy Thanksgiving Andy from the US to the UK!.....I know I am a day late......But I ate the turkey and fell asleep!


Paul groover

11/24/2008 4:03:24 PM

Hey thanks for listening to The killing groove. I,m always on the lookout for someone to collab with

Larry Killip

11/19/2008 11:15:45 AM

Thanks for stopping in on my page Andy, love dem blues licks you got here.

Liquid Vision

11/16/2008 7:46:32 AM

Good to hear..........

Can't seem to play your songs have to rain check on that.......

We have more of our latest work at myspace,com/daoms


Dom from LV

Conversation Suicide

11/16/2008 3:17:59 AM

DIggin' yer blues! Please check out ours....We've got THREE in the blues category fer chartin'

Is that gig on November 30th, Evening??? Let me know a little more info...

THANKS! And welcome aboard PHLEGM PHAVORITES probably the MOST diverse station on IAC... -pHLeGm

Larry Migliore

11/15/2008 7:26:29 AM

Thanks for the comment Andy. As always love stopping in for some great guitar work!

Have a great weekend and thanks!


Jesse Adams

11/8/2008 10:13:15 AM

You got some real soulful slide going on man, and some great pickin' and blues. Very nice work Andy!

I love your electric guitar jazz tone!

Jesse Adams

11/2/2008 2:10:42 PM

Thanks Andy for stopping by and checking out some of my tunes. I stopped by your page yesterday and tried to listen to some of yours but the IAC players weren't working. Hoping to have a listen here shortly...


10/9/2008 7:10:44 AM

Hiya Andy,

Just thought I'd drop by and offer some hearty feline purrs! =^.^=
We'll have to jam again some time :)

Eye Of Storm

8/10/2008 5:59:36 PM

Hi Andy. Thanks for dropping by my page. Nice you find my eyes interesting, not meant to be freaky on purpose. I'm harmless. LOL Great music here. Eye

The Mulligan Project

7/6/2008 1:12:21 AM

just showing your page some love =)

when you get a chance, come check me out.


Alice Temple

4/13/2008 11:36:48 AM

thank you Andy

Diego B

4/7/2008 5:00:33 AM

Hi Andy!

Well, it was just an illusion for a day, the chart positions are back to normal...but thanks for your kind words on my page and blog(which I have already deleted). Listening to some of your great blues tunes! Diego

Feed Me

4/3/2008 4:48:20 PM

hi there thanks so much for finding us and checking us out

glad you like our stuff!

we really enjoyed listening to your tracks as well, love that jazzy feel

feed me

Davide Swarup

3/31/2008 3:37:28 PM

Thank you:)
It is really great instrument for busker, for both side, I play in noise and busy streets cause of the better money but also cause is nice to see in a rush street people stopping by , getting silent and enjoy the music!;)giving a little mind break t people!
Have a beautiful day and I hear you around!
I love it the virtual busker things, I will do it too!!


3/18/2008 6:35:41 PM

Hi Andy...Holy moly are quite the blues dude!! I liked Three O'Clock but then i come to your page and here is this wall of blues in every flavor! Listened to Pretty Nose...fine tune...your playing is excellent and reminded me of John Renbourn. I also checked out Every Penny...loved it! Fine swingin' little ditty...your vocal phrasing was kinda shades of John Hammond. You clearly have your own style though and i like it. Gonna link to your page. You the real deal my friend. I'll be back to work my way down through your catalog.


3/18/2008 3:52:21 PM

Hi Andy,

Thank you so so much for the very kind words! And thank you for introducing yourself as well... been enjoying your fabulous work throughout this very rainy day in STL.

All the best!
~ Auset

Duane Flock

3/17/2008 4:40:10 PM

Nice acoustic work on 3:00 Andy. I put it on my jazzy Napa Wine Train station

Might be fun to get together and do a few riffs/jams later, huh?

Peace dood.........

the white knuckle blues band

3/11/2008 3:18:53 AM

Hi Andy,

Thanks for the IAC welcome and the portsmouth blues invasion! I'm just starting to get to grips with how this all works. As you know Ive always been a fan, so everyone else should keep playing your stuff and who knows you could get to no. 1.

Steve Roux
the white knuckle blues band

Sally Strawberry

2/27/2008 11:17:48 AM

Hi Andy,
Thanks for the plug! I've always loved your music and think everyone else should too.

Miles Cope

2/26/2008 7:04:46 AM

Hey Andy
Been singing the blues for three decades and you are all over "Every Penny" I am sure you sang it right in the pocket but if you are ever hanker'in for a second vocal version send an mp3 to my studio & I'll give it a try. Your talent for lyrics are really a cut above, keep write'in old son "Great Tune"!!!!

The Man With No Band

2/24/2008 6:57:14 PM

Hey Andy .... Thanks for droppin' by and the kind words ...
I'm about as a big a blues fan as you will ever meet ... The Blues has always been special to me 'cuz my gal loved it so much and it was "our thing" ...

It's Great to hear Artist like you keeping it alive ... you do it justice man ....
(I only play the blues in my closet) ... no since ruining it when there are guys like you out there doing it right ...

Keep it up .... (Kind of a silly statement if there was really anything else you would do)

Shine on


2/24/2008 12:25:21 PM

----some deft guitar work---I like the way you have made the style your own----blues can all end up similar--------------- you put your own stamp on these toons

cheers Rob


2/17/2008 5:01:33 AM

Thank you for the nice words,good old school blues.Stay in tune and cheers.

No Rhythm

2/16/2008 7:18:53 AM

Hi Andy
Thanks for dropping by. Glad you liked some of the tunes, I'm just adding them on slowly so people get time to digest them. As I mentioned earlier I love the blues. You know that question if you were stuck on a deserted island and could only have one cd what would it be? I always answer a blues compilation, and I think you would be on it.
I only had time to listen to the first few songs on your page, loved the guitar work on pretty nose. I'll definitely be back for more. I'll have to start a blues station I think.

Best of luck in life, love and music

Heidi and The El Cats

2/4/2008 6:31:20 AM

Hey Andy!!!

Thanks for checking out our page and will definitely be listening to your music....

Heidi and The El cats

Hugh Hamilton

1/30/2008 7:08:19 AM

Hi, Andy - nice to "meet" you - thanks for having a listen to the new tune, and for pitching in to the blog...I'm enjoying a listen to "Good Feeling" right now - diggin' the axework and the vocals...I'll be here for a while, judging from your long songlist...rock on!



1/18/2008 7:50:07 AM

Hi Andy - interesting comment on the 911 thread! Re-arrange the letters and get...ACI,AIC,CIA,ICA,IAC,CAI! Could be a whole new CODE to speak in!!!

Keep up the good work playing the Blues and Beyond!

Hattie Wilcox

1/3/2008 12:16:28 AM

Andy--Listening tonight. I can smell the honeysuckle. Yummm. Don't let the black deer bite you. Best. Hattie

Hugh Hamilton

1/2/2008 10:28:50 AM

Diggin' "Spoonful" ...rock on...


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