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       Cassandra Fink

Cassandra Fink

10/27/2009 9:29:21 PM

Sorry some of these were not playing, technical difficulties now resolved. Thanks for your patience! 10/09


12/14/2008 12:40:24 PM

I came to add a tune -some are not playing -you may need to check-I will be back soon

good luck



11/26/2008 2:42:29 AM

Great Sound nice work!
Please check the new fucking song "oriental dreams" out
And tell us what you think..
Best Regards

riyad elmasri

1/24/2008 3:38:37 PM

it was great to be able to give you the tour. Your music is surprising, different.

Dj Ricky Worden

3/26/2007 10:43:44 AM

Very Good ;)

Cassandra Fink

1/23/2007 5:45:23 PM

Welcome to the Tanzende Sound Gallery! Here you can sample some of the tracks on my 3 CD's.


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