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       Rachel Fuller and Pete Townshend

denise cascione

1/30/2009 5:25:18 PM

sharing good energies through music
wishing you continued inspiration
bless you

Conversation Suicide

1/30/2009 4:34:42 PM

Just stoppin' by to say THANKS AGAIN for all you've done to support Indie music, Rachel & Pete, and especially for helping put THIS indie site on the Map!

-pHLeGm of Conversation Suicide


2/9/2008 7:21:09 PM

Hi Rachel & Pete,

We really like your music!

Keep the songs coming!

Please check out our recently posted demos and let us know what you think!

Thanks so much!

Mike K. of Lieder


12/24/2007 8:42:36 AM

Hi Guys,
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year .. "Nollaig Shona Daoibh" (NO-Lihg HO-nuh JEEV) (pl)
Look forward to hearing ASH and everything Pete/Who related yet to be ...

Black Velvet Lace

11/27/2007 2:39:07 PM

I just love you two. But you prolly already know that! xoxox ~Lace~


8/16/2007 1:16:18 PM

Great syncopation,claps, and chop chordal acoustic guitar work, that frees up those outstanding vocal harmony patterns of Rach's to bounce off and move freely over... those beatZ and rhythms Mphasisized on the tune R wild and fit the theme of "In the MIX"as they all R a big part of it...Pete your steady and accented rhythm wonderment with those appeggio'ed backdrops of the synth R sooo sweet, Specially with the vocal dah das N the Ntro...the melody double-up following N the verses by the guitar is masterfully done, so subtly...The clarity hang reverb is a sweet touch on Rach's vocal poweress thru those a fun atmosphere and presence to help the song it does well, and needless 2's all "IN the MIX" ... a delight all the way...thanX 4 the listen...~Austn

Helena C Carta

8/9/2007 2:03:44 PM

Just heard Ruby tuesday on MUSIC FOR THE MOUNTAIN GORILAS on WILDLIFE DIRECT it's awesome!......Xx

Helena C Carta

8/9/2007 2:03:43 PM

Just heard Ruby tuesday on MUSIC FOR THE MOUNTAIN GORILAS on WILDLIFE DIRECT it's awesome!......Xx

Joe Santa Maria

3/13/2007 8:28:06 AM

Great sounds...a pleasure to be featured on the same charts with you...November's Alright KIAC Big 50...peace..Joe

Eleonoras Holiday

2/23/2007 7:45:42 AM

You 2 sure made sting to be very proud of! What's next?


2/11/2007 4:18:35 PM

Pete -luv the percussive, modal pickin' style that you R reknown 4... Rach...Wow what range U have and clarity with such Ntensity at any givin' Nstant!!! it's glorious, amazing how tonally full this song is with just acoustic pickin' and the colorizations of vocal Mprovising style...The lyriX R presented with a tru emotional Mood...luv the outro of this song topic, I just heard, "Love Reign O'er Me" the Pearl Jam version...OMG, I know it's a big tribute to have a major act cover your tunes... Buuut ....Buuuut....the jam can't touch Daltry's emotion or clarity... and the guitar bridge is totally lacking, it doesn't have Pete's touch...the only close to "WHO" quality is the string arpeggio, ( I can hook that up on my arp2600 easily)...The "Jam" is not the "WHO"...I think they should have used the original version 4 the moive, and we would really Njoy the music...I know Rach has done A cover of Ruby Tuesday...But it was done N her own style and feel with class... where the Jam just falls way short of covering ..."the WHO"...nuff said...~Austn


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