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       Steve Sossin

Steve Sossin

12/26/2009 11:47:19 AM

Steve was a 'ghoster' for many musicians/artists from the 80's to the late 90's. He was often 'tapped' to 'fill-in' for musicians, especially guitarists due to his uncanny ability to nearly perfectly 'mimic' most any style/genre'... But, he was also a MUSIC PRODUCER
as well as ENGINEER and was listed in the Major-Recording Music Industry for over a decade, officially retiring in 2000'. Known by those Artists/musicians and others within the music industry, Steve earned a solid rep for doing 'works for hire' ( often with little
or no credit ) and keeping 'mum'...even years later. Steve was qualified for, and worked in other areas too- Artist Development, Mastering, Public Relations etc! But, always in the ( background ) yet enormously appreciated by those for who he worked for or did work for...


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