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denise cascione

4/30/2009 2:58:18 AM

congratulations on your stellar writeup in Jazz Times!!!!!!!

You have a gift,Melody
Thank you for sharing your beautiful songs

Wishing you continued inspiration

bless you



3/5/2009 8:54:13 PM

Gone is an incredible recording -full of feeling,

-the ennunciation is perfect-wow!!!

The Blue Voodoo

4/4/2008 3:56:20 PM

Melody , Saw a review of your cd in the Vancouver Sun (canada) Paper-
-Issue was the April 3rd 2008 edition under cd reviews in Westcoast life .
full column....very nice ,keep giving your music.....
keep up the great work

JS (Joerg Sommermeyer)

3/17/2008 3:53:25 AM

Hello Melody,

many nice songs. My favorite is your newest version of "Some Lessons". I'll put it to my JS (Joerg Sommermeyer) - Favorites Station, KIAC Internet Radio.
Keep up the good work.


JS (Joerg Sommermeyer)

Miles Cope

2/24/2008 8:22:20 AM

You Are A Pure Delight !!!
My favorite young female vocalist is my Goddaughter Sasha Dobson, Now I have two favorites your style and the compositions including your remarkable gift for lyrics are simply top drawer. To be so young beautiful and talented should make you look forward, to what I believe will surely become a musically blessed future.

Beth Fridinger

12/5/2007 9:25:35 PM

Nice music....

John Pippus

8/31/2007 6:08:18 PM

Hi Melody. Just heard you for the first time at Sandman's Songbirds. What a treat to discover your talent out of the blue like that. THANKS!


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