Horus8 & The Werewolves




stick it in my mouth, and quit fucking around lady

I'm a tiger, yes, a tiger

Just get in the fucking limo already slut

Give me my keys

nice car, think I'll steal it

War is the new sex baby, cool, cool, be cool Buy into it all like a new pair of shoes.

Practicing law

Cutting off the circulation to my brain

It puts the lotion on its skin...

off to disrobe

This was taken before I put on 300 pounds and did a Jim Morrison swan dive into a kiddie pool filled with tapioca pudding and breast stroking tattooed carnivale midgets, bless you.

I sell shirts when I'm not shredding On your mom's guitar

Boys night out

High Art

dropping the blade

Suckers are cool

Sneaking up on me

Blown out

nice painting, bit distracted

a reminder

Fuck you and god.



fingering tomorrow

More from the spider

Things get hairy around the office


tool belting it

feeling a bit pale


get 'em up against the wall

On the bus again

you're fired!


bad dreams

the werewolves

Off to work some magic on yo ass

A morning stretch

Ground hog day in Spunaville

lone wolf mcqueer

changing the world starts at home.

Line up the lemmings

I was 4 once too

A supercell sunset

Blue wolf on bird monster

bedroom door to tomorrow

a nice sunset

Give me a kiss

Waiting for the boat home

bad night out

hot and horny

unity mitford


Little do these blue fellows know There's a snake in the grass

Pickle hair


Sheer wonder



Guess what?

Line them up

Shoveling your stupid face

Alien writing in Peru

oriental blood suckers

The light red light from Uranus

A kiss on the neck

Frank Frazetta rocks vampire socks

get that paparazzi out of my fucking face



look me in the eye when you lie to me

Gothic Angel

Get the album, and get your third eye.

Let's dance

Mother and I

When I feel gay, I yellow

belly button dreams

Should we play or should we go now.

kitty, kitty...

Let's feed America

A priest bows

Let's square dance

War doesn't discriminate

Something wicked this way comes

Somethings you just can't measure

the eye of horus

hermaphrodite down

Have you seen my face around?

Looking through my good hand

Give me a minute

Jackson's guilty

This is going to hurt

The lost and found

Pot shots

Now this is an article I can get naked too.

A great spot to piss

the werewolves third album, buy that shit bitch

I'm really getting sick of fishing

See no evil, but I hear it all

Let the children play

My son in a suitcase

Let's get it on

look at my beer gut

A moment modeling by the weeping willows of tranquility.

Devil up bitch

take a look at the phoenix

When the levee breaks

Making a get-away

Look up now and again

Billy bald beaver on keyboards.

Meet my hairy spider

A read tail hawk

Home of Horus8

The seal of horus

cherry drops in the summer

Posing in the ruff

Forgive me father, for I have...

Yeah, we all die


Genocide isn't pretty pilgrim

I'm a bit confused by your profound stupidity

occassionally amputation is required for survival.

A little pussy with your vodka?

I'll level off your fucking face

Spuna on the prowl

Mein Fuhrer!

What do you get when you cross angelina jolie and a trailer park struck by tornado? Popular culture at its all time worst!!!!

My teeth are clean and straight

Press mute to eject

Bring out the clowns


Could you pass me that ashtray?

You go that way! And I'll catch a cab!

After my camel feeds, let's compare head gear

Jack the Stripper at lead guitar

the tsunami show

pass me a bone motherfucker

My book cover's better than yours

I'm half the boob I used to be.

Shut up and fuck

How about slapping that big bad fat cock against my false agenda?

Lizzie Grubman has a little semen on her nose wipe it off

Tilt his head that way, and I'll get the shovel

Rich chicks are boring, but trailer park chicks are just plain bored.

Howl like a poof.

"So what do you feel like for lunch honey?"

lunch on the pacific

No one to play with, They're all dead.

Greek Head lock

Has anyone seen my house?

Smoke it if you got it

After a prayer? Target practice

Emotionally Unavailable CD

terrorists in training

pneumatic drills are cool

The dog that fucked the chicked

Marlon Manson at bass

the hand of horus8

Death to models

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