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Paul groover
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12/10/2020 7:37:01 PM
The Lost Mass

9/9/2020 9:37:39 PM
Singing is hard

8/26/2020 1:02:54 AM
Select your alter ego

4/12/2020 11:36:54 PM
Lead guitarist

1/3/2019 10:44:05 PM
Tis piece of the planet is mine pt 2

10/5/2018 5:50:40 PM
An ode to sadness

8/16/2018 6:32:15 PM
Sunday lazy dice

9/12/2017 12:14:30 PM
Slowly sinking

2/27/2016 4:07:28 AM
night wings remix Paul groover/Dick Aven


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Paul groover

2/27/2016 4:07:28 AM

night wings remix Paul groover/Dick Aven
Hi remixed this song because Dicks Sax was always to quiet. This is a more stripped down version just to let the Sax have the headroom it deserved. Just wondered what people thought of it


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Two Silo Complex

2/27/2016 7:11:39 PM

To me it sounded like the inserts or break points what ever they were are glitchy and messy. The sax was cool but still did not cut the mix. I would take your original mix and use a dynamic boost on the sax or if you have to bring the other levels down and then use a boost on master channel to raise over all level but that is generally not desirable.
If your using pro tools there is a 7 band eq section for horns in this eq setting try add fullness then use the bf-76 to give it some beef or if you have it isotope 2 has a good dynamic enhancer. Another option might be to output the sax track to its own output then boost it with an amp mic it and re record it at a higher level. There are many ways to raise the level. I think stripping it down did not help it enough. See if you can fix the level in the first mix instead.

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Paul groover

2/28/2016 1:38:02 AM

Cheers still not loud enough will look into it.Dick thought it was ok. It is however glitch jazz funk there is glitch elements in it is that what you are reffering to.The biggest problem my computer is right on the edge into stuttersville Core i5K. I cannot add any more into it or it becomes unlistenable. The program i use has no meters apart from the Master volume if want to add meters means more plugins stuttersville. So i have to do it by ear, fatigue becomes a problem. I think i will sample it all down and try it in Reaper which has meters. See if that helps

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Two Silo Complex

2/28/2016 12:38:27 PM

Ok I thought they were badly done inserts not intentional glitches.

Without vu meters mixing to good levels by ear is almost impossible. I have used reaper and I like it in general but the plug-ins are not as good as pro-tools are but it cheap. I actually use both programs for different things. If your encountering stutter then as you said less plug-ins or in pro tools there is a way to allow pro-tools to have greater cpu utilization. If that is not possible in the program you are using then you may need to resort to sending your signal by lightpipe to outboard gear to achieve the effect of the plugin reducing the cpu load by allowing outboard gear to handle the compressor eq and effects instead of plug-ins
There are a thousand ways to skin a cat.

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1/14/2021 8:45:17 AM

I like their point of view.

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