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Francesca Tamellini
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10/8/2019 10:38:31 AM
new song uploaded

11/30/2017 11:54:51 AM

10/30/2016 10:58:50 AM
I can't leave if you won't let me go

6/26/2016 1:18:46 PM
Begging Please

5/31/2016 2:07:43 AM
Naive State of Mind Francesca Tamellini

5/22/2016 2:07:30 PM
I guess I Should Say Thank You


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Francesca Tamellini

10/8/2019 10:38:31 AM

new song uploaded
Hi - if anyone would like to have a listen to 'I'm going to miss you when you move to London' and give me some feedback I would be very grateful.


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Paul groover

10/15/2019 6:33:56 PM

I think a string sound would add to this song not sustain but staccato. Just punctutaions thru the song. Also a bit short a chorus and a lead out but keep it about 3 minutes. Really like your work wish i could play piano like you

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Richard Scotti

1/23/2020 5:51:10 PM

Best title ever! Francesca ~ Your work is so singular, it's hard to define. That might be frustrating sometimes but it's a blessing in disguise. Your songs are like prayers
that are filled with love, loss and longing. You seem to have invented poignancy. Every vocal note, every piano key strike, every chord conspires to pull us into your world. It's all so achingly personal and yet so universal at the same time. The imagery is so evocative and the emotions so raw in this song and in others. You will get the kind of success you want and deserve. Hang in there and don't get discouraged.
Your time will come.

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1/26/2020 12:56:26 AM

your voice is terrible

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