Debut album, FLOOD SONGS / JUNE SONGS - out September 11th 2009 through MGM.

What is the relevance of pop music today? How do bands reinvent the three-minute pop song without coughing up the ghosts of its long history or morphing it into an unrecognisable mess? Perth indie phantasms The Preytells have a way.

When they hit the scene in 2005 they experienced a quick, intense wave of success. Since then, instead of pursuing their early favour like desperate careerists, they decided to hit and run. Over the following years The Preytells hunkered down for months at a time, coming up only when they had something to show for themselves.

Debut EP Could I Change Your Mind in 2007 snapped the ears of those who forgot about The Preytells back toward the band. It demonstrated songwriting strength and studio confidence beyond their years. They came back in 2008 with the same tactic. Two EPs Shout / I’m So Sorry and Sacramento showed two things: The Preytells were ready to make a deeper impression at home and abroad, and they had the musical chops to do it.

Doubt it? Their debut album Flood Songs / June Songs (due for release September 11th 2009) will prove you wrong. 14 tracks that invade the body and electrify the mind - one moment a golden pop song, the next a flood of shattering glass, blood curdling shrieks, and doomsday drumming. From the swagger and reverb of Sacramento to Shout’s persistent piano and demented guitar, to lead single Lord Hold My Hand - Flood Songs / June Songs lands The Preytells in the backyard of The Raveonettes and The Pixies, while smashing ELO into the Brian Jonestown Massacre.

It’s music presented with infectious urgency and emotive maturity, encoded with the fractious energy of the 21st century.

Notable Events:

The Preytells rose to prominence as a result of their win at the 2005 National Campus Band Competition.

"Shout / I'm So Sorry" (2008) and "Could I Change Your Mind" (2006) EPs out now through MGM.

The band's latest EP, "Sacramento" (2008), is distributed by The Preytells, and only available at It is said to be a murder ballad based on the story of Richard Chase, dubbed "The Vampire of Sacramento".

Recent events of notable mention include:

WAM song of the Year Finalists (2008) [1]
Australian National Campus Band Competition Winners (2005) .[2]
Airplay on RTRFM, Radio West Networks and on National Youth Station Triple J
Playing at several festivals of note, including Southbound, St Jerome's Laneway Festival, RTRFM’s 'In The Pines Festival' and the YAC It Up Festival (2006).
Supporting Little Barrie (UK) and The Freestylers (UK)
Receiving Arts WA funding for a tour of Melbourne and Sydney (August 2008)
Receiving Arts WA funding for promotion of debut album.

All recordings done at home in the Martyn Noakes Studio, produced, engineered and mixed by Audrey and Will.

Lord Hold My Hand

Alternative Pop Rock
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Debut album, Flood Songs / June Songs - due for release September 11th 2009. 4/9/2014 7:09:34 PM
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