The year was 1995. One Sunday morning Gary Pomeroy, Ric Carter and Greg Pappas met to discuss pursuing an all original music project. As professionals, we were disillusioned by a decaying local music business but, also inspired by an explosion in the recording industry. We were willing to try anything except covers and unwilling to accept mediocrity in any department. Our goal: to gather the best musicians available. Over a ten year period the three core members discovered that finding other like-minded musicians would be more difficult than they had expected.

Fast forward to 2007: The band, still a core of 3, throughout different occupations (and spouses) continued their quest. They would find welcome support through Greg's mom, Charlene Robbins. She has provided, with no questions asked nor promises made, financial investment and a practice area. Thank you Charlene!

Early on in 2008, the band, incredibly within weeks, gained momentum by adding accomplished musicians Chuck Farrell, Bill Carr, and Ralph Smith. Although Kings Of Crisis would suffer the loss of many fine musicians and bear the scars of these conflicts, we thank them all for their contributions and friendship.

Now, with all positions filled and our act polished, comes the time to perform live. We love you Clarabelle but, we must seek another audience.

Kings Of Crisis is devoted to creating meaningful songs with an element of classic rock. Despite life's trials and tribulations, as many fans have discovered, we also have the ability to touch many lives with beautiful ballads.

So, you're still wondering, what's with the name? Well, we all bear the marks of the hell we've been through and survived. Does this make us unique? No, of course not. We've learned the old adage, that which does not kill us makes us stronger. With that knowledge and our survival, we've discovered, we are Kings Of Crisis.

Oh, by the way, all songs and artwork on this page are the sole property of Kings of Crisis and usage of these materials without permission is strictly prohibited :) © 2008 Kings of Crisis.

Love Like This
Simply put, a nice song. LIVE!

Modern Rock
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Kings Of Crisis
Title track of our first CD.

Indie Rock
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No Rhythm

2/14/2008 6:40:21 AM
The pleasures all mine. Let me know if and when you go prime and add a few more songs, and I'll be here in a flash.
Love your work

No Rhythm

1/25/2008 8:08:56 PM
G'day guys

I've added "Love like this" to my stations, that is a great tune, You fellas sound pretty damn good live. I'll be popping in from time to time to check for some new stuff. Catch you round.

Cheers Mark



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