Marrying the pathos of Dylan, the melodies of The Band and the drunken celebration of the Pogues, The Prelude have shaken audiences up and down the country with their unique brew of classical songwriting and goodtime rock and roll.

The Prelude write songs for the everyman; slur-along classics to be heard spilling from drinking establishments, football terraces and the radio alike. Their songs tell bleary-eyed tales of joy, despair and confusion wrapped in hook laden melodies and choruses begging to be sung by the masses. Theirs is a music that is contagious, unassuming and universal.

Best friends since the age of dot, the band lived and learned on the backstreets of Derry before moving to Liverpool to hone their talent for songwriting, musicianship and drinking. Here, in their adopted hometown, The Prelude have become a must-see in a city bubbling with musical aptitude, locking out shows wherever and whenever they play and gaining many fans along the journey.

Drunken Death Song

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
h h

Whiskey Haw


Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
h h

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1/21/2008 12:56:40 PM
absolutely loving the outrageous energy, every little drumbeat ---i can feel the saliva!!!



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Liverpool UK
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Garvan Cosgrove: Guitar, Vocals, Keys
Charlie Mullan: Acoustic Guitar
Joe McMonagle: Drums
Aidan McAteer: Guitar, Vocals, Mandolin, Keys
Brian Mc Elhinney: Bass Guitar
Darren Geach: Vocals

The Shakey Tree EP, 2005
Hold On Gently on BBC UK streaming audio website
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