This is the follow up to Loving the Sun’s debut, Dreaming of More. Joe Weninghoff’s Music is teamed up with singer Christina Pollman’s lyrics embellished in places by bass and transverse flutes as well as the Armenian Duduk (a kind of twin-reed recorder dating back several thousand years) played tastefully by Sandro Friedrich.

As the name perhaps implies this is a pastoral, at times ambient, work with relaxing vocals and melodies on guitar and keys in the main but with occasionally exotic arrangements which perk up the listener’s interest perhaps a little more than the typical new-age or ambient fare.

A highly spiritual context pervades the songs although the vocals are often so far buried in the mix the words are indistinct. For me I found the soporific effect of the hypnotic arrangements put me to sleep so often it needed several listens to get a good feel for the album. No bad thing but rock it does not.

A very nice cool mix for chill out fanatics and those wishing to relax. Good for Yoga I suspect.

Reviewer: Richard Barnes (Sea Of Tranquility)

Vocals: Christina Pollmann
Vocals: Andrea Heukamp
Flute: Sandro Friedrich
Guitars, Loops, Bass: Joe Weninghoff

Album "Colourful" (Nea Music / Paengg)

Dream Rock
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"Go Away"
Album "Colourful" (Nea Music / Paengg) Pollmann/Weninghoff Go away - Go your own way Don’t cross my way - don’t stay where I stay - whereever I stay Don’t want you - no matter where I am Go away - I don’t want to see you / whereever I stay I’ll never want to see you - anymore Don’t look at me - I don’t want to see you Don’t speak to me – I don’t want to hear Don’t touch me – It isn’t tolerable Don’t phone me – I don’t want to call you I don’t want you – I don’t like

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“The Other Side Of The World” - Loving The Sun, New Album: September 2008

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