Nottingham based Kiran Zamman is a British Asian female music artist with a unique selling point. The USP? She produces her own music from start to finish and not many Asian female artists can do that in the UK. Kiran is not only an excellent and unique producer but also a singer and songwriter. She is influenced by many music genres, from R ‘n’ B, Electro: in Kiran’s words ‘the synth sound’, Arabic, Jazz to Rock and Hindi. The changes in her musical style are reflected throughout her album.

“Kiran Zamman is one of the many unsigned Asian acts out there today who writes and produces all her own music” - Eastern eye

Kiran is currently in the process of finishing her DEBUT album, which will be titled ‘BROWNISH….BLACK’ and is set to release in the first quarter of 2008, consisting of approximately 16 tracks. Kiran has also been working with artist Deeyah for a new compilation album, which will feature her track ‘I have a dream’ from Kiran’s debut album, she has also produced a further track for another artist on the compilation. Whilst working on her own album, Kiran has also been collaborating with US artists Elly and Khai and UK artist Selina.

Kiran began her musical journey at the tender age of 10, when she heard her father sing and is self-taught on all instruments she plays. Her musical influences include ‘The Supremes’, ‘The Platters’ and ‘Roy Orbison’ but her biggest influence was ‘Dolly Parton’.

“My dad was always into music, he used to sing and write in Urdu himself, so with that love of music he had, I was always around music and I think I must have taken something from that.”

Kiran started gigging at the age of 14 in and around Nottingham. She has performed at venues such as Nottingham Playhouse, Nottingham Castle and various Asian festivals; as well as live sets on radio stations such as Club Asia and BBC Asian Network. She has not just been recognised here but also internationally. Do not think Kiran Zamman is just a musical mind; she is also an educated woman, who is in her final year of studying ‘Music Technology’ at University.

Kiran is not just aiming to be successful in the Asian music industry but plans on making a mark in the Mainstream music industry and staying put. ‘Brownish....Black’ may be perceived like a typical Brit-Asian album – BUT you would be very wrong. From Arabic – 80’s influences, for each track, Kiran has her own definition of music.

“I’m VERY excited about a young female Vocalist/Composer/Producer – Kiran Zamman. Move over…..this girl has talent!” Vinay Sharma - Asian Star Radio

Remember 2008 is the year for KIRAN ZAMMAN; everybody’s going to be talking about it. Make sure you don’t miss out!

Timbaland (The Accolade)
A song about Timbaland

Hip Hop/Rap
h h

Bedard feat Umar

Urdu - Urban
h h

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1/13/2008 1:31:10 PM

Welcome here-------- I like what I hear!



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Kiran is currently working on her DEBUT album 'Brownish...Black'.

Keep posted for more songs!
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