Breann is a singer/song writer who comes from a family of musicians. Her mother was a singer/song writer and musician who also performed in a quartette group known as the Sweet Adeline’s. Sadly, when Breann was a young girl, her mother, who had just turned 32, died from leukemia.

Her father, Jim Damiano is an accomplished musician and instructor. Jim is also on IAC and his guitar instrumentals are played on numerous IAC stations. In addition to teaching, Jim performs regularly in California.

Breann has a passion for singing and has always enjoyed writing. Being a working wife and mother of two, she put her passion on the back burner and never really explored where it could take her.

With her parents divorcing when she was just a toddler, she never knew her father. Out of curiosity a few years back, she googled his name. Thanks to his IAC website, she found him. Since reuniting they have established a beautiful relationship.

With the support and encouragement from her husband, Breann started recording music with her father.

Jim's superior guitar skills and music composition, combined with Breann's voice and lyrics tell stories of forgiveness, loss, happiness and all of the life experiences we are blessed to learn from.

"We are all on a journey to somewhere but we owe it to one another to extract lessons out of the happiness and sorrow we've experienced and share it with anyone who cares enough to listen."

~ Breann Cross ~

Daddy's Little Girl
A girl longing for a relationship with her father finally gets what she has been searching for.

folk/acoustic rock/americana
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Breann Cross

5/13/2009 5:25:04 PM
Re-loaded June Day...I hope you enjoy it. The previous version sounded distorted. When I play this back I'm not hearing distortion, but if you do...let me know!!!

Breann Cross

3/3/2009 6:01:31 PM
thank you for that feed back...I'm going to pull it off my site until I can have it re-mixed. Thanks again!


2/12/2009 1:37:51 PM
Hi i just listened to both your songs and added one"Daddys little girl" very heartfelt!!!

the other track is distorted may need re uploading?

go well




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Dixie Bandy Hi Breann, your song really touched my heart. I know your father. He teaches guitar to my two little boys. He told us about your song and I wanted to hear it. We purchased it. Good luck in the future with you and your pops!
Jim Damiano In the short time that I’ve known you, you have taught me about the healing powers that forgiveness can bring into our lives. Also, that once we begin to understand where we come from, we then begin to see where we need to go.
Jim Damiano If we cannot learn from our own mistakes we then tend to repeat them. If we cannot forgive others, and ourselves we cannot move forward. You are my one, my only, and always shall be, “Daddy’s Little Girl”. Iwill always love you.
Faith Arnold Hi Breann. What a beautiful, touching song! I can hardly wait to hear your next work of art.
Bethany Love it! Nice work.
frank john colli i love the poem to your daddie on his site. We play together often.
* Your song 'Daddy's Little Girl' has just been added to THE SAD SONGS station!
jenncat Beautiful...
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Msg  Go!

Take a listen to my new song June Day.

This was put together with my dad and musical mentor Jim Damiano.

This is the rough cut and we will be working on the final mix in the next few months.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Breann Cross