Dave and I met about 4 years ago at Garageband when we both co-incidentally decided to sign up to be each other's fan. Our music is totally different but we recognised each other's writing skills - I loved his vocals (he's a former signed artist) and he liked my melodies and arrangements.

Neither of us was too good on the production side, Dave has stayed pure and acoustic and I have developed my keys and synths skills.

We did a couple of collaborations but I always felt intimidated because my vocals did not match up to his in strength or accuracy.

Recently Dave said he might stop trying to produce for the internet and it made me go to my files and look back at some older stuff. I have literally cobbled together a song by fusing our two styles for "A friend like you" It's not perfect but I think you will still enjoy listening - Hope so. Jilly

A Friend Like You
A fusion of acoustic guitar and vocal with synth Rock and vocal

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
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jammerdood Jilly, what an interesting combination (and a pretty song). It was cool hearing both styles work side by side and either style works well with the song. Your feel pumps up the old southern rocker in me!
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Gravis and Wright Fusion