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Victoria, Texas musician Jose’ Diaz has been doing his fret-board gymnastics since the age of 13. His brand of high-volume-guitar-fueled-hard-rock has dominated his music from the beginning. From a humble high school gym in the early eighties, to the bright lights of the Riverside Convention Center, the few times that he has stalked the stage have been memorable to those who witnessed him live and unrestrained. His tornado-like finger-ballets cover the entire guitar neck and then some. For Mr. Diaz it seems the end of the fret-board is no barrier. His playing is the true essence of being “loud and proud”.
Jose’ is currently recording tracks for his next full length release due out hopefully late on 2007. His juggling act of recording himself, mastering and performing on other artists works, coming up with new material, updating web pages, and a day job, is just the tip of his feverish mental iceberg. His music is available almost everywhere in the digital domain. And he adds new stores to his distribution belt as often as he can.
With five releases under his belt, each filled with blazing guitar work and thought provoking lyrics, he forges ahead with new material and increasing endeavors. His collaborators are many as well as the lists of websites where his music can be found. His works have appeared on several releases of the Compilation Series put out by A.O.G.MEDIA, and his guitar slinging has graced works by such artist as Terry Daun, and Jesse DeLaO, (the head of A.O.G.MEDIA). Some of the songs for A.O.G are even contractual “exclusives” found only on the media companies' releases. There is an unreleased work done with New York head bangers LOVEBONE and some online collaborations on In addition to his collaborative works, Jose’ has appeared onstage recently with Jesse DeLaO as a guest guitarist for a CD release party for COMPILATION #7 from A.O.G. This was his first return to the stage in almost twenty-five years. On other fronts his songs have been played by radio and internet stations world wide and a current promotional push is underway in Australia.
The band he formed in high school left its mark on Jose’ and is reflected in how easily he creates music both with and without others involved. His studio is a minefield of lyric sheets and guitars, headphones and microphones. The band LEGASYS may no longer exist but Jose’ does. The music is still being born and that’s what drives him, the music.
Keep your ears peeled back for the next powerful offering from this secret of the gulf coast. The guitars will be loud and the songs will be proud!

Meloncholy, nostalgic, and introspective look into my mind.

Melodic Hard Rock
h h

Prophetic tune written before a recent tragedy.

Hard Rock
h h

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12/31/2009 11:20:05 AM
2 in a row!

Happy New Year Jose and all the best for 2010!



2/13/2008 10:18:21 AM
Jose - Happy New Year Man!!!

New stuff up on our page!!!

Keep on Rocking!!!



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Victoria Texas United States
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“Caution, dreams in progress” Set To Release On Cdbaby.Com

“CAUTION, DREAMS IN PROGRESS”, The latest from unsigned Victoria,

Texas singer-songwriter Jose’ Diaz, will be released on JANUARY, 3RD, 2008. The CD

will consist of 13 heavy rock tracks steeped in blazing guitar-work and thought

provoking vocals. It will debut to the public by way of Soon after, it

will become available through many other online digital stores. This 6th release will

mark a return by Jose’ to the form of heavier rock he feels at home with. As always

the subject matter will be thought provoking and the guitars on the verge of


# # #

For more information Jose’ Diaz can be found on the World Wide Web at

You may contact Mr. Diaz by E-mail at

Or by phone at 361/575-4154

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