I am Stéphane Delvecchio Pitton and I'm a drummer, a composer , author, interpret and arranger l . As well I play guitar, bass, drum, keyboard and percussions too .I ow my own home recording studio and I use MAO ( music with a computer), with CUBASE SX , Magix, and Fruity Loops .

My musical influences are various, from Soul, Funk, Blues, Rock , Reggae, Latino or Indian music, and the Jazz.

Music is a way of being , by sharing different styles, it spread its wings to enter the universal dimension : This is Fusion .

sweet mind
A song I wrote in 2006 ,the style is the bossa nova with a melody who advances slowly and who finishes by a more supported cadenza .

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First of all ,I would like to give you a real advice how you really feel one with your instrument .To enter the tune and get the rythm , you should practice every day .

In my youth, I was used to play guitar with my brother . My brother have been playing guitar for years ; Almost in the same time I began practice drums and percussions, because It was for me, the best way to get the rythm, the feeling came from there.

So far, the music became my way of being................
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