Jahna “Rebel” Sebastian

Songwriter, producer, singer, performer, manager of Indian-Russian origins Jahna was born in Moscow, Russia. From the very first steps people admitted her incredible and authentic voice as she started to sing when she started to talk. From the very beginning she couldn’t escape from feeling she was different, as she had to go through a lot of prejudice in her childhood, ‘because she was almost the only one mixed-raced person in the neighbourhood. She used to sing and take part in all performances while at school as well as singing in the church choir, and since the age of 11 she decided to think seriously of a singer’s career. Since then she had never gave up on this wish. She also played for 8 years in Russian Folk Orchestra named after Loktev on a traditional instrument “domra”, which she also played in her song “Jah Souldierz Were There”. In her teens she listened to variety of artists, the most impact on her tastes had the likes of Wu Tang Clan, Bob Marley, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, Erikah Badu etc. But her mother didn’t rush into introducing her daughter into show business and at first refused to all offers from various executives as she was afraid that Jahna will loose herself, and she was right at some point, as the business in Russia is different and the artists there don’t get any freedom or respect, and probably if she tried to go there, she’d never had written a word on her own. Instead Jahna went to study Music Management at Russian Academy of Music and she successfully got her Degree last year, while she still was the youngest to do it, just before she reached 20. Jahna always decided to go her own way, although it takes a longer time and effort, but it helps her develop her skills in production as well as singing.

Jahna started performing professionally in 2004, among the others she performed on stage together with artists like Mad Professor, Uwe Bunton, Jah Meek etc. Before “Jah Souldierz” she was singing for a year as a member of another reggae band “Muzungu” (ex-Dub TV) and a p-funk band “Clean Tone”, often appearing as a special guest with various bands. In spring 2006 she tried her hand on radio commercials when the team of Russian hip-hop band “Da Budz” launched the first in the history dancehall-reggae radio show in Russia on ? 1 RnB/hip-hop radio station “Radio Next”, 105,2 FM. At the age of 20 she had already graduated from Russian Academy of Music and got a Degree in Music Management. Jahna, 21-year old writes all the lyrics and produces most of the songs herself, being “mad” about music technology and recently launched her own production studio in North London “Multivision Music”.
However, playing reggae and hip-hop music is not the easiest way in Russia, as reggae artists face big opposition from radically influenced youth, and after the bass-guitarist of “Jah Souldierz” was seriously attacked by racist-skinheads on Bob Marley Festival, 2006, Jahna decided that it’s time to make a move to London, UK, where she has been living since June 2006. By the way, Jahna after that incident with her bass-guitarist, wrote one of her biggest tunes “Please Forgive Them Lord”, which has been played on some UK radio stations like Roots FM.
At the moment “Jah Souldierz” have just finished the debut albom “Multivision Time”, an eclectic artwork produced by Jahna Rebelle uniting under one cover various styles but following one idea.

Jahna lives in London most of the time, working in her studio, collaborating with other producers and artists. You can never predict the direction of her creativity, but the main thing about it is that she is intending to stay in the business forever and nothing can stop her from making more and more different music.

Please Forgive Dem Lord Remix
It's reggae beat with R&B feel vocals and life meaning

h h

"SU-242" is the name of the most well-known flight between Moscow and London and this song reveals the situation of various criminal and terrorist attacks in these cities in comparison and sets that people need to unite, especially the younger generation, because it's their future in order to prevent all that and make a better living.

Hip Hop/Rap
h h

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7/23/2007 6:22:10 PM
fine work here-----------wish I could translate--------enjoy the iac vibe!



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Jahna Sebastian