My name is Michael J. Nielsen. Born in Dec '57, I began playing guitar at 15.

My first band in 1978, was a three piece group consisting of two guitars & a drummer. Vocals were done by the drummer.
First jobs were weddings and private party's. Music performed was oldies and country.

In 1980, the band was reformed to a five piece country variety group. We toured for five & a half years on weekends in the mid west Michigan area.

In 1985, I decided to pursue a professional career in writing and honing my skills as a solo performer at open mike nights in Michigan.

In 1993, I moved to Nashville. I was matched up with a Nashville writer, Randell Reeves. Together, we came up with the song,"Angelwalk" and it was the second song to be published on Alley Road Music BMI. at Castle Records.

I've since recorded the song myself and released it on my first C.D.,

"Michael J.Nielsen/Horizons" on my Indie label, Paragon Records.

One of the most successful songs on the C.D. is "Slow Dancing With A Fast Women", doing very well on the digital download sites such as Rhapsody, Apple-ITunes & ITunes-UK. & is being heard internationally on internet radio.

I'm currently writing more & more. My follow up projects, include, Michael J. Nielsen, "Songs From My Heart" and a DVD promotional EPK biography of all of my songs and a video bio recorded at Douglas Corner in Nashville T.N.
Other songs for digital download, are available at
Currently seeking professional representation.
I hope you enjoy listening to my music and possibly make it part of your musical library.
All of the songs at my site are available for download at the above listed URL.

In closing, I wish you All My Best. Michael

Party Of Three
Abortion Is concidered but not carried through with when a man comes home from work and finds his new bride has been brutally raped. Later after all of the testings are done, it is found to be that she is pregnant with the rapest child.

Country Ballad
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Crossroads 2012
Song about a number of years in Nashville and no significant long lasting break, Thinking about going to crossroads like Robert Johnson doesn't seem like a bad idea.

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The Wedding Song
The Vows a man and a woman make at the time they enter into the instatution of marriage.

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You Steal My Sleep Away
Song about a past love that never got realized.

Country Ballad
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Angel In A 4X4
Song about a girl who is addicted to the clubs and can think of nothing else but the clubs during the week at work.

Country Rock
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Slow Dancing With A Fast Woman

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This is an updated version in DEMO format of a song that has been online for some time. Sound quality is a bit rough and is intended for promotion and streaming purposes only.

Contemporary Country
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DMD Compact Disc Online
Michael J. Nielsen/Horizons
First Debute Release on Paragon Records.

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