"Daniel Hawks is a young man, who like the rest of us, lives and walks with a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. He is superstitious, he'll want to know what your sign is, and he generally believes in all sorts of hocus pocus. Born into a life of eternal exodus, Daniel has ventured all over this fine globe in search of a little peace of mind. I wish for him both humbleness and strength on this, his heroic odyssey. Daniel currently resides in the Pacific Northwest, where peace of mind is in abundance, I am told. I am proud of him as a person and also as an artist, and can therefore proudly declare myself his friend. . ."

R. Ess Castle, Le Petit Protest-2006

D's wide capacity for rythym and melody has been deeply inspired and continuous, reflecting his experiences both physically and spiritually. He found himself producing his first collection of written, composed and performed songs, originally entitled Nonsequitur, as a senior project in high school with the help of Jonathan Wild and Tom Brown in 1997-98. Now titled Anuradha, the latin wordage is used as a general title of completed works - nonsequiturmusic.

Crescent, the second CD, was finished at the tail end of 2003 and features some of D's more involved tunes like Karma and War, and largely reflects his particular mesh of acoustic based folk styles and heavy percussive rythyms.

The last album from Hawks was Oct-2005 and entitled Rezelia; all songs written and captured in Florida and mastered after the move NW, featuring Neptune at Home and Full Rose Moon.

The older songs from Anuradha are now sold separately and/or with Crescent as one album.

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The ever developing tale of meeting new people and remembering only those of their characteristics that represent the people of that ilk you had known before...and falling, courageously out of love.

Alternative Modern Rock
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