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Cadillac Zack Biography: Born in Oakland in 1970, the son of an artist and a programmer, I really got into music at age 14, and my mother, the artist, arranged for me to take guitar lessons with none other than Joe Satriani in Berkeley. What a great influence, if only I’d allowed him to shape my young musical mind. I stuck with the lessons and a minimum of practicing, and was ready for my first gig. I sat in with Bobby Bland at Kee Cee’s in Oakland. The fear gripped me like I’d never known. My hands locked up and I couldn’t find the key. Shortly after this I found the underworld of Oakland and Berkeley and instead of a rock star, I decided to pursue my criminal career. To make a long tragic story short and sweet, twenty years later after a second trip to prison, I found a music program on my computer, and with my daughters bored one night, I began to create a song for them to sing to. I was showing my twelve year old how easy it is to sing and not be shy, I loved what we came up with, “I Got A Girl”, and a friend asked who the forty year old black man was singing with my girls in the background. A little compliment was all it took and I started out on an adventure leading to “Toxic Blues”. I hope you enjoy the music, and if not, I did. And that my friend, is what makes it worth doing.

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Christopher Blanchard

3/21/2020 3:18:57 AM
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